Online Versus Ranking is 0?

I'm curious as to why my online versus ranking is 0.  I always play ranked matches and my stats are as follows:


Level 31

Overall points: 2051

Wins: 81

Losses: 19

OTL: 5

DNF: 1%


Most of the ranked vs. games I play are with guests, so I'm wondering if that could have anything to do with it.  Although I have some friends who also do mostly ranked with guests and they all have ranks, so I'm a bit confused.


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your ranking is 0 because you are "ranked" about 10,000. After 10k they don't keep track. That said with your record you should be ranked pretty high(IIRC my level is about yours and i'm around 3k)


where can you find player rankings, search for a player or team

What time frame are you checking? weekly, monthly or all-time? If your checking weekly or monthly and you haven't played too many games, you are likely not in the top 10,000.