online splitscreen?

does anyone know if this game is going to have online splitscreen like black ops?


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Hope not cos the lag ruins the game. Here's a thought, buy your own 360, your own internet access and your own x-box live.

I hope not.  I can go without the teammate and his buddy going a combined 0-36 in TDM.

Yes, it has been confirmed there will be Online multiplayer splitscreen!!

Confirmed via livestream

Nice....It's how I'm going to get my girl to fall into the call of duty addiction that we all have.

I am glad for this. I always have friends over to play and such. I hate having to take turns after each death, because I prefer for the stats I have to be MY stats. Since I have a 72 inch TV, splitscreen is no problem :p

Did they confirm this for LAN play too?


I would be fine with that for SpecOps, but online multiplayer not so much.

I hate being stuck with splitscreeners if I don't have a large party.

Not all splitscreeners suck. Me and cuzo rock the joint everytime we play so don't see the big deal. If your in a game with some of the lower skilled ones then all I can say is step up your game and get kills before they get killed.

This would be a good thing except I'm moving and I wont be able to play with my cuz on a daily basis, but since me and my sister both have our OWN xbox, our OWN live, just ONE game that I payed for so if she wants to play with me, then by all means, she can play? Don't like it? O the hell well.

I cant choose guest player?