Online rewards, anyone able to get them?

I keep getting an error! Any help?


I got the email today but I can't get the rewards:


You pre-ordered BioShock Infinite and registered for BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution, and now that BioShock Infinite is in stores, your Industrial Revolution Reward Pack is ready and waiting for you to claim it!

The Industrial Revolution Reward Pack includes 3 exclusive gear items, five hundred silver eagles (in game currency), and five lockpicks.

Click here to get your code to pick up your in-game rewards – and thanks for playing!


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your not the only one its not working for a fare few of us , sorry i cant hep more

The link works fine, but my rewards page on the website still just says "pending" and won't give me a code.

Got an email saying the code is ready but when I go to the site to get it there's nothing at all there :(

with so many of us not getting them ithink they just aint up yet

I got my code.

Decided to contact 2K Customer Support and found this:

Where to Obtain Industrial Revolution Rewards In-Game

2K Customer Support Mar 23 BioShock Infinite / Industrial Revolution FAQ

If you pre-ordered BioShock Infinite from a retailer offering either the Comstock Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle or the Comstock China Broom Shotgun and have redeemed the DLC code on your platform of choice, you'll receive a notification uploading the game for the first time on how to obtain these weapons.

The rewards granted from the Industrial Revolution pre-order game are located in the Blue Ribbon Bar, which is the same location where you receive the shield for the first time.


Haven't played the game yet, but hopefully this solves the problem!  Or maybe not?

Ya thats talking about finding them in-game, we can't get the code to download them for some reason.

when did you get your code ?

I have contacted  as my code did not arrive with the game.

they gave me a code you then have to go to then you create a new account put your code in and it then gives you a code to use in game and tells you about the rewards like the 500 coin etc.

i have set up an account got my code just need to try in game now.

i have only played about 20mins so far do you think i will have to restart to put the code in or cam i just input at any time?


I got my Industrial Revolution code last Friday.I played the puzzle game ( then clicked on "account" and there it was, the code for the Industrial Revolution Pack.Now if only my game would arrive.........

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.