Online requirements?

Hey guys, quick question for you.  Does Minecraft require an internet connection for local play?  I ask because I bought the indie game "Total Miner: Forge" for my son a while back, but we can't even play a local game w/o an internet connection, which we don't have at the time.  Now he's bugging me for Minecraft, and I was considering getting it.  

Also, I get that Minecraft is the original, and Total Miner is a knockoff of it, but what is the big difference between the two, if anyone has played both?  Thanks.  


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Cool.  Thanks for the answers.  

i have those indie knock offs and while they are cool having avatars and guns and all that... minecraft is just more rich and just looks better IMHO.

You can play it offline. Even splitscreen! There is a huge difference. Way to many to explain IMO. Download the trial and discover :)