online ranking broken?

many times i've gone up 4 levels then it's not saved and i come back and i'm back down 4 levels, all the grinding work is lost.
what a POS game... time to put this online feature away.


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Are you just turning off the game or backing out to dashboard without/before saving? Make sure to hit Start Button, go to online tab and then select the option to Leave takes you back to Story mode but saves before leaving online.

PAUSE -> ONLINE -> LEAVE GTA ONLINE -> A -> "Are you sure? You're progress will be automatically saved." -> A

Couple days ago the cloud wasn't saving.  But was working yesterday for me.

masterdeath don't ask dumb questions like that, I had the game on for hours when i had ranked up, i joined many online sessions with friends played missions, races, even tennis and golf. it said many times it was saving.

but really the save issues with this online game are bad, that i should have just tuned it off when it said it was saving, cause i was going to lose it anyway.

Sorry Cosmic....sometimes I iz dumb....Momma always done told is like a box a never know when a 3 horned, 1 legged unicorn roller skating over lava in the winter while reciting Hamlet backwords in Pig Latin is gonna come up from behind and throw a puppy attached to a dart at the back of your head while blind folded....wait that's not right....MOMMA!!!   :P

Switching to any of the three single player characters will also automatically save progress, whether it is SUCCESSFUL at saving is another question.

Hope they have the cloud working well with Xbox One cause there using it for it.  Would suck to buy a bunch of games and the cloud is down for all game saves for next generation.

another way to get a save going for online play:

make enough money to bank(I think $1000.00 is as low as you can bank)once you got enough to bank, bring up your in-game cell go to internet icon; go to your bank and deposit every dime, THIS WILL cause game to auto save WITHOUT leaving the  current game session.  

This also helps you from losing cash if game freezes etc.....

Believe the cellphone money deposit doesn't work for keeping levels if the cloud doesn't save.  Cause last week Saturday was when my 47 to 50 and back to 47 didn't save.  I always use cellphone for deposits.