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Hey everyone,

I looking to get back into online racing and just had a couple of questions

1. Can anyone recommend any racing games new or old that still being played by a number of people online?? I've got Grid but the few people that still play thisonly seem to be on  Friday.Saturday evenings.hardly. Also tried F1 2010/2011 and didn't like it.

2. Are there any types of racing leagues with certain games??

3. Any suggests for any games across xbox live outside of the COD, BF & halo series for good multiplayer games?

Thanks in advance.



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I haven't played much racing games this gen I like.  I liked Blur.  It's arcadey and  has power-ups.    It's  kinda popular that a lot of racing games have to be kinda realistic; this is not.  It's fun though.


Not sure how many still play it though.

Forza 4 is the biggist at the moment the comunity is alive and thriving. lots of online races aswell as bounty challenges to compete with

Forza is really your only option on the 360(for racing that is) not big on NFS but you might check that out if your into that sort of racing game.

Forza > Everthing else

Blur is still pretty active but you will come across cheaters a lot.DiRT:Showdown is out on the 25th.

Apart from those Forza 4 is your best bet.

As already mentioned, Forza 4 is your best option. 650+ cars, road track racing, drag racing, Nascar racing, and drifting all in one game. They also have demolition derby races.   The community is very active too so you can always find someone to play with.   Test Drive Unlimited 2 also has racing online but the racing physics are not very good at all.  TDU2 is more of a cruising game with friends.  Not much fun for actual racing.

Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 are both awesome, Dirt 3 has more people online but feel free to add me and i would race with you on them.

I've never been a fan of it online but Forza is the way to go... If you fancy something a little different check out Split/Second and NFS Hot Pursuit. These are/were my favourite online racers but the community was small last time I played.

I would recommend the NFS series. The Run was my favourite (I played Hot pursuit on the, sob, PS3) though you need friends if you want to play online

PGR3 and PGR4

Dirt 2 and Dirt 3

Forza 4

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