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Can someone please tell, why after buying an Xbox 360, paying for Xbox Live, Paying for a game, that some games need you to buy an online pass, i.e. Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3?

Is it me or is the makers tryong to get more money from us to play these games online?

i thought that was the whole idea paying for Xbox Live so we could play online.

seems like a rip off to me these days.


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As we all know, online passes are (for the most part) just for 'used' games, right? Well, what's really stopping them from just locking multiplayer itself behind online passes for games as 'new'? Realistically, they could do it and probably get away with, too. Similar to how Bioware did their day-1 DLC, developers could just simply argue that they made the campaign first and then worked on the multiplayer, right? Do you think we could end up with something like this? I mean, from what I heard, a lot of people had no problems with Bioware's day-1 DLC just because it was made after the actual game.

If that caused the price of the single player portion to drop then I'd be quite happy with it.

^^ This. If I could buy MW3 for half price without mp, I would.


If fair warning is given before I purchase the game allowing me not to buy then I would have no problem. If I bought the game and it was advertised that I could take it home and play multiplayer then I would be filing complaints with the BBB and local attorney general.

I will never support the online pass.

Maybe if Gamestop et al gave the publishers a cut of used games sales...

What about the model used by the original FEAR on PC, pay for the single player and make the multiplayer portion free? Granted the multiplayer portion was only made free further down the line but same idea. Heck make the multiplayer portion free to play with paid for DLC to make a bit of money off it. 

What's the difference between an Online Pass and a PC activation code?  (This isn't a snarky response... just curious if there is an actual difference.)

regarding to PC gaming, there are no Online Pass especially if the game are require steam or origin to play. It purely rely on activation code or (key) that are activated online to install & play or it could be download directly to your computer so there are no disc required.

The key difference is, those game are attached to your steam or origin account. It cant be traded.

The online pass itself will only evolve into an amalgamation of other senselessly frivolous charges once developers realize that gamers will actually pay for them & they become the standard in online gaming.

Soon one online pass for a game won't be enough, you'll have to renew your pass because of expiration dates, or one online pass only unlocks one part of the multiplayer aspect of a game, or there will be several tiers of "online pass accessibility". Any way they can seize the opportunity to milk the cow for all it's worth, you can bet your sweet hide they'll ride that pony all the way to market.

The only time that I care about the online pass is when it affects content for the single player like with Batman: Arkham City or Mass Effect 2. I get a lot of my single player only games through Gamefly and having to shell out any extra $10 to unlock content for the single player is very annoying. However, there are times where I have no intention of playing the MP so I don't give a crap about the online pass. Like with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Mass Effect 3 or Homefront.

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