Online Passes: The New Trend

It seems more and more games are going to start having online passes. I was fine with them when they came free with the game new, such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or Dead Space 2. But now it seems like they're taking it a step further, and making you pay for the online pass, with the additional purchase of of the game. Look at LA Noire and Mortal Combat: 2011. Both of them featured pass style deals where you buy a pass for a big hefty fee, but you get all of the DLC for a lesser price than paying for each one separately. This is where I get confused. Why can't they just do away with the stupid gimmick of "buy now, pay less!". Why can't they just make all of the DLC cheaper?


It seems like this will become the norm. What is everyones take on this?


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Personally I think the idea of an online pass to play a game is nothing more than a money-grab... Especially since you're already paying for the internet, and for xbox users, paying for the ability to play online at all.


The way I see it, if I have bought the game, I should be given access to all parts of that game, both offline and online. If you want to charge money for DLC, that's one thing... because that's technically an addition to the game itself I guess.


If you're going to charge people to play online, then you better reduce the cost of the game at release, because it's less valuable than if it had online play included.

Let em keep doing this...There will come a time where the consumer will get smarter and stop buying into this gimmick!

Well actually, I'm more talking about the newer type of online pass, the "Buy it now! Buy it now!" pack that gives you all of the DLC for a moderate price decrease. I'm not one to buy DLC, I've actually yet to do so since I've gotten my xbox a couple years ago, but I do know that all of the DLC is not worth it. Some of it is half-hearted and half made, look at call of duty's map packs. Looking at these DLC passes makes me want to buy DLC even less because if I either buy a couple separately or buy all of them, I would feel ripped off.

We don't need a new thread. The hundreds of threads we have had is enough. It always ends the same.

If you would read, this is more about the DLC online passes, not the ones required to play online that come with the game. These new ones aren't even coming with the game! When I bought Battlefield: Bad Company 2 new I got all of the maps for free. I was fine with this. When I bought Dead Space 2 new, I got to play online for free. I was fine with this. But now I buy the game new, but they make me pay for the damn pass now, which should just be included with the games, like they've been doing previously.


This is the next step. They wave all of this free DLC in our face when we buy it new, now we buy it new and we no longer get the pass anymore. After this, I'm sure that you will have to buy a pass to play online even if you do buy the game new

You don't have to buy anything. This isn't like online MP passes where if you don't buy new, or pay the price, you are denied access to entire game modes within the game. This is like going to Sam's Club. You buy in bulk and save some cash in the long run. Or buy each piece individually and pay more in the long run. This may be new for games, but this has been the way of the world for many decades now. Not quite sure what your problem is.

I started noticing these passes as well OP. Personally I would never buy one of them just in case I lose interest in the game before the DLC comes out or maybe I just don't want it.

I am a little confused though, you said that these passes were included in the new game but now they aren't? So before the DLC was free? I ask because I have never gotten a game that included DLC with the purchase of the game.

i will no longer buy new games unless i get it all.  wats the point of buying a mp game unless u get to play online.  


I can't help but laugh at this.

Not at you OP. But this whole idea


Because I have been saying this ever since the "new" online pass system started, and people defended it. Saying "Well don't buy it use"


"The companies are losing money out due to used sales"

I knew something like this would probably happen.

First they started charging us for added content. That's fine

Then they started charging us for content that was ALREADY on the disk. Not cool

Then they started making incomplete games and released DLC right after release and charged us for that content.

Then they started to complain about how they are losing out on money due to the used sales market (Which was clearly a lie, because you can find out what their yearly profits are, and see that they are still profiting, not losing out on money)

Everyone on here was defending them, and I just said well they are going to keep finding ways to get our money, and it looks like they have

The only way it will ever stop is when people stop paying for it.

Will it? Probably not. Because people just don't care how they spend their money, so long as there are suckers out there willing to pay, these companies will just keep on finding ways into our wallets.

I hate this but what can we do about it? Some people say don't buy the games that have passes but I'm not missing out on a good game just for that.

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