Online pass Region?

Im curious about this, I live in canada, if i were to purchase a game from the states would the online pass that comes with the game work for me? i ask because i already know that MSP cards from america do not work in canada, does this follow the same pattern?


If i cant use it, am i atleast able to purchase an online pass, or will this cause issues aswell?


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I don't think they're locked by region.

Yeah, I dont believe Online Passes are region locked.  MSP I can understand with currency rates, etc.

this is where i have been condused, because from google searches it seems that people overseas are having issues with this, but i can understand that because they are a completely different region (ie. region 2,3,ect) and granted american and canada are region 1.... last thing i wanna do is buy a game online then find out i have to shell out even more money

which game are you looking for?

Region 1 is North America so you should be fine, the only difference between US and CDN games is that our manual includes french.

I dont see why you would do this, most Canadian retailers will price match US retailers for media.

I'm not looking for any game specificly right now its just something i would like to know just in case i spot a good deal across the border.

And im aware that some retailers will price match US retailers, only ALL of them near me seem to like to dump the whole "well since you are getting it now you need to pay their shipping price aswell" and they dont let you get away with standard shipping, its overnight shipping. this almost always cranks up the price to well over what they actually have the game listed as in store!

I have a US 360 but I live in Turkey, and according to the supplied regions, I'm not in one of them. So is there any way I can download GTA IV for my xbox from here, that I can use?

Codes as far as I know are not region locked. I've had a few US only codes that I used perfectly fine on my account. Pretty sure you can buy US marketplace points aswell to use on UK marketplace, etc.

LAbeezeyboyy if your Xbox 360 is a US Xbox 360, using a US account, you should still be using the US marketplace. When I lived in China, using a UK Xbox 360 and my UK account, I was still able to download everything from the UK marketplace.

Really? Because they said that they use my IP to determine where I am and adjust the Xbox live marketplace accordingly.

Becuase it wont let me buy anything, all I get is "This item is not avaible in your region"