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Thanks in advance to whoever can answer my question. My brother purchased Battlefield 3 brand new, so I ended up purchasing an online pass so I can play it when he wasn't using it. I hear that the "Back to Karland" map packs are built in the online pass of the limited edition versions of Battlefield 3 and no actual pass code is given for the new maps. I ended up purchasing my own new limited edition Battlefield 3, im wondering since I already bought an online pass how would I go about getting the "Back to Karland" map packs? Would I have to pay for them since I already have an online pass registered to my gamertag?


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No... You would just have to start up BF3 and it will let you know that there is the B2K update available and that you can press A to download now. If that doesn't work go into the store and look for the B2K expansion. It should say free on it and press A to download.