Online match help!!!!

1. How do I find the people I Play? Cant report or add them if i cant find them                                                              

2. I shouldnt get loss if im winning at time of disconnect. 2 of those losses have made my record irrelevant. I REALLY want to protect my record.

3.Is there any way to see the opponents reputation at the team select screen?

4. Online play is the most important aspect of every game to me and many other players! So please correct problems.

5. Xbox is a great product but it is not what it could be... i wish apple had made it!

6. This market is microsoft's to lose and if you ignore us you will lose!

7. Now I know why apple trades at 530 dollars a share and microsoft is at 40. You guys need to start minding your business.

8. Online play adds value to every single game! Fix it!


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I think that's why 2K made your win/loss record only visible by you, because they knew they were going to have problems.

9. The record my opponent sees after team select screen is not the same as my vip screen. How is this record determined. I hope this record includes ppl who quit right before the game ends..