Online Levelling Glitch

So i've been playing RDR recently with a buddy, and i keep noticing that i'm going DOWN levels for no reason at all. Today i levelled up and passed the bar over into the next rank, but i remained the same rank and didn't progress to 17, the bar simply reset once i filled it? And over the last couple of days, twice i got 3 levels only to find that when i signed back on, i was back to level 16 AGAIN. I don't understand why i keep getting put back to rank 16 or simply not being allowed to level.


Can anyone tell me what the hell is up with that because i can't find anything online and it seems like i am the only one with this problem?


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Sorry for being late replying.

One thing that you can check is if you have auto saving set to "On". The option is under "Options->Config" at the very bottom. On multiplayer, EVERYTHING autosaves so that may be the problem when you log back in.

Also, I remember when my gang was level boasting a new character on the July 4th 4X exp. Between level 8 and level 21, it doesn't level you till the game decides that it'll level you up. I little glitch that probably can be solve by doing someother hideout.

Hope this helps.

I had this problem when I first started playing Red Dead,

Make sure autosave is ON and exit multiplayer to main menu BEFORE exiting to dashboard/turning off your console.