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Is anyone having the problem were right when you start a job in GTA Online it automatically fails you after you load in? Is this still on Rockstar's end or is something wrong with the character I created?


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Happened to me once, haven't tried a job since. Rockstar know about the issue and are working on a fix.

Can you define fail?

If you mean it puts you in a lobby and then starts to load up and then drops you back to GTA single player because of some random reason..... then yes, i'm having that problem.

Was happening to me yesterday, but it worked today when I joined a random mission.

What happens to me is I get into the lobby, pick my weapons, decide whether or not I want armor, and fiddle with the settings a bit. After that I start the mission, it tells what to do and then a ticking sound starts and about five seconds after that ticking sound starts the text "Mission Failed" appears. When that is all done it shows how many people were with me, asks me if I want to replay it or launch any other missions.