Online is like Destruction Derby!


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Yeah it is, I understand a few bumps and hard hits are gonna happen but when you don't brake and INTENTIONALLY hit someone to take em out earns you a boot from my lobby

Present in ALL racing games...

I tried some online yesterday. I only went to the beginner room because I wanted to get a feel of how the lobby system and everything worked. I finished last in 4 or 5 races because of the bumper cars. I think at one point there was myself and one other that raced. We ran together hitting lines and rubbing a bit. It was the only clean racer I found all day.

Veteran racing is where the cleanest guys are. Still, sometimes its total madness, especially when it comes to hairpins or point to point races, where you suddenly realize you must take one direction and screw up, which makes a chain reaction. And some tracks are not adequate for R3 or higher classes so it's almost like it was deliberate to see this happening from time to time.

Looks like you need a cop to straighten out the online ;)

lol gta cop car paints available in the paint shop saw some really nice ones there

Some of them are good, but most are either rushed or are not up to the amount of DETAIL I desire.

yea  but just for messing around wish we had a light option lol

We may not have light options but the Dodge Charger SRT10 has a police-style pushbar upgrade.