Online is getting progressively worse

Is anyone else noticing this? On launch day the servers were fantastic and I had no lag whatsoever. I had fair games and enjoyable experiences. On day 2, it got a little worse, there was a tiny bit of lag here and there and some of my deaths were a little iffy but for the most part I just let it slide because it would only happen like every other match. But, today, it has gotten worse again; there's a half second/second bullet lag on guns, bullets aren't registering, shots that were fired where I was at a second go get me killed, and I've had SEVERAL deaths in the past hour that looked like they were straight out of gears or gears 2.

I've already broken my controller out of pure frustration and anger (which I'm also pissed about) and I'm not the only one. My friends are also having the same issues. Is anything going to be done about this? Because I'm out a controller already on day 3 and I've only ever broken a controller one other time out of pure frustration in my life and that was while playing gears 2.

Also, the Retro lancer is overpowered, decrease the damage per bullets now, it's basically an automatic hammerburst with a bayonet.


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I've had no problems so far, but if I did I wouldnt break my own stuff! You act like its the games fault your out of a controller lol.

Dropped twice but other than that its been good

Dude, if your a controlling throwing type of guy, maybe you dont need a hyper aggressive game like gears. Chill out. Its a game. I havent had a single problem. Part of the problem Ive noticed was that the bullets were hitting where I was shooting them. I always compensated by leading my targets in previous gears games, no need for that now.

Maybe youre just not that good yet.

Also, the retro lancer is fine. Its more powerful becuase its less accurate. The regular lancer fires like a laser with nearly no kickback. Try taking cover next time.