Online is getting progressively worse

Is anyone else noticing this? On launch day the servers were fantastic and I had no lag whatsoever. I had fair games and enjoyable experiences. On day 2, it got a little worse, there was a tiny bit of lag here and there and some of my deaths were a little iffy but for the most part I just let it slide because it would only happen like every other match. But, today, it has gotten worse again; there's a half second/second bullet lag on guns, bullets aren't registering, shots that were fired where I was at a second go get me killed, and I've had SEVERAL deaths in the past hour that looked like they were straight out of gears or gears 2.

I've already broken my controller out of pure frustration and anger (which I'm also pissed about) and I'm not the only one. My friends are also having the same issues. Is anything going to be done about this? Because I'm out a controller already on day 3 and I've only ever broken a controller one other time out of pure frustration in my life and that was while playing gears 2.

Also, the Retro lancer is overpowered, decrease the damage per bullets now, it's basically an automatic hammerburst with a bayonet.


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How is the Retro Lancer OP?  The recoil balances out the damage it deals.  And it's your internet connection.  I've had no problems with lag from day one.

I haven't seen any lag yet in the first three days. The Retro Lancer is a cool gun but it is weird sometimes. I try to rush a player and bayonet them but lot's of times the game just puts us on the opposite sides of each other, kind of like what it does a lot in single player :/  Can you bayonet people online?

I haven't played today but I played last night and I was getting downed by 2 shots of the retro and getting killed by sawedoff from really long distances like the gnasher can't even do that much if it was closer. Also the guy from the POT clan had no recoil on their retros.

i hate the sawdf off shotgun. their are no more fun shotgun battles anymore, its all sawd off of lncering/retro lancering/hammerburst anymore. this is isnt fun as gow2

I'm noticing a lot of people complaining 3 days into the game. Guess what, no one is getting downed with 2 shots from a retro, it's impossible unless youre already hurt. The SOS has a limited range, if you see someone with it, stay back! Dont run blindly around corners. As for shotgun battles, I think its more fun now. You actually have to aim with the gnasher. You have to learn to control the space around you, and not get too close to the SOS, if they miss, they are dead. Dont com plain becuase a guy pops out with the sawed off and you try to roll away and die. You should never have been that close to begin with.

And 3 days in, dont say its' All this or all that". It's just the start. Learn to play Gears 3.

Anyone think there's more emphasis on blind fire this game?  It seems easier than aiming this time around.

Well said Adam C!  I will freely admit that I suck.  I've played all 3 gears but not as heavy into the MP.  This is the first time I'm really getting into it, and it is fun, a lot of fun.  I have no skill in this game.....yet but hate when people complain and blame their lack of skill on lag or overpowered weapons.  Just play the damn game! lol.

Lol 2 Soldier! You dont suck bro, you just need practice! Thanks for the support though.

The complaints are ridiculous. Its like saying you cant hit a home run because the wall is too far, make the wall closer, its cheap that its so far away.

Make the basket lower and larger for basketball, its too hard to get the ball into it when its that high and the rim is so small.

We play within the parameters of the game people. These are the weapons. This is how they work. They are not broken. The only thing that needs fixing are peoples attitudes. If you dont like how the game plays, dont play the game.

Adam C is dumb, the sawed off is overpowered.  Ive seen tons of people almost sniping with the sawed off and killing people while the gnasher has problems with one shotting at point blank.

Sniping with the sawed off? C'mon man, give me a break. Ive played plenty and never came across a sniping SOS. Again, this is a cover game, and claerly you arent using cover and are getting too close. People will always find a reason to complain when they die. Maybe the reason is, youre not as good as you thought you were when you were playing a laggy gears 2. Clearly if there was an issue , there would be some sort of proof of it...more proof than a handful of whiney complaining gamers.

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