Online horde broken?

Been trying to do this new Horde mode but all it does is keep loading and trying to find matches to no avail. Waited for like 10min and went back to regular multi player..




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Been in one game so far, it was smooth but connecting to game has been an issue for me too..

i couldnt find a game either. It said only 3 people were playing worldwide, that cant be right can it?

I'm sure only three people are playing horde. Over 1 million pre-orders, only three wanted to play horde. What noobs


Yea it seems messed up, mine always says 1 player worldwide. I've only been able to get into 2 games, the first was great fun with no problems, the second was so laggy it was unplayable. I'm sure they will work it out.

played co-op campaign just fine, no game dev has figured out how to release a game properly since ever.

Finally got into a match a little before noon earlier, only took 10min

I too have had this problem. Is says nobody in my area is online and keeps trying to connect to games. Even with an Open NAT....