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Every-time I enter a game, there's normally no more than 3 people, and they all leave all at once randomly when I join, and no one else joins afterwards, at first I thought it was just people leaving, or getting invited to other jobs, but they ALL leave simultaneously, and no one else joins the game I'm in after that. Either there's an issue with my character connecting to games, or people REALLY don't like me, or not many people play on Xbox one, because last time I played, I never have any issue with this one xbox 360, and I still get invited to heists and games on GTA V on XB1, as well as 360, but its just getting into an online game with other people, and them not leaving randomly all at once within 20 seconds of me joining, and no one else joining after that until I end the game, go to single player, and try again reloading the whole game directly onto online.


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It is your connection. It is to slow.

Edit : My NAT on other online games is always open, and I have VERY good internet, so it has nothing to do with connection on my side, at least not from my internet in general.