Online community rivals that of Call of Duty

Hello all.


I don't know about many of you, but during my little time playing this game online after downloading it through Games with Gold, I am disappointed with some of the players in this game. My issue revolves around receiving messages from others calling me various insults for leaving a match. I understand that leaving a match is very unsportsmanlike, but there is some context to be understood. I do not leave games right at the beginning or anywhere in the middle. No, I only leave when the end is very obvious. For instance, earlier today I had about 5 HP remaining and one creature on the battlefield, while my opponent had upwards of 10 HP and around 5 moderate or strong monsters. In this scenario, I figured there was no point in sticking around. Even if I managed to block one creature, the rest would deplete my HP and AI Takeover was on anyway, so I left. Not long after I began another match, I received a message from my previous opponent calling me a ***. This has happened at least 4 times since I have downloaded this game, which was approximately 2 weeks ago. Once again, I understand that leaving early is frowned upon, but I see no good reason to watch the other guy win the match when I can use that time to find a new opponent. Most of you who play the game do not complain, but there are a handful who think they are big and macho because a noob like me left a game which he would have lost to an experienced player. That is all.


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If you're going to play, play to the end.

Players have a right to win as well if they've earned it. I find their anger towards you is warranted.

I have added your GT to my avoid list for future consideration.

Maybe stick to the COD community. That seems to suit you.

I don't blame the people for getting angry. I would, but I wouldn't send a message. I would avoid you.


I stick it out even if I know I'm going to lose. I'm not afraid to see that I lost.


I don't know what the established etiquette is for this game.  In my AoEIII days, most players resigned when they decided they couldn't win.  Only n00bs ever complained because they didn't get to see their big army wipe out the enemy base.  I personally don't care if you resign, as long as I get credit for the win and you get credit for the loss.

^^ If you get credit for the win then it's not a big deal. I'm not sure if you do though.


suck it up.  that 2 minutes isn't going to kill you.