Online can you read (clearly) the numbers on the ammo crate?

This is directed towards people with the HD pack installed. In the SP I can clearly read the writing but online I can't. Want to know if my HD pack may be corrupted or not.


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i was a little surprised how clearly i could read the crates, so yes i can, but i play on super hi def comp monitor

Not sure. All they'll let me have in my cell is a 13" B&W...

I'm wondering if mine is too. Sometimes (when in MP) I can't tell if the textures are corrupted or if it's a matter of them dropping in/out.

On Sharqi there's a recessed entrance to a building and the three walls' textures looked horrible. Sometimes in the killcam the soldier's textures look awful then at the last second the HD texture pops in. I guess I could reload the HD pack again but I'd hate to go through all that trouble for nothing.

your HD pack cant be "corrupted" (not in the way your describing anyway) it will work or it wont. There wont be an occasion where some textures will load and others dont (unless you dont give them time too , remember the textures are streamed live)

Also the single player (for various technical reasons) will look better than the multiplayer , if you can see your textures popping in at the beginning of a round as the map is loading then your good , your texture pack is working :)

Cool, thanks for the info. The instances where the textures look funky don't occur very often so maybe it's just a random streaming issue.

My textures also seem to "pop in" more often than not. But, I cant read the ammo boxes clearly. Everything else seems fine tho.