Online boat dock location

Bought a boat. Where is going to be docked online?


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The marina in Los Santos. Thats the only place Pegasus brings them. Which kind of sucks. You can always call Merryweather for a boat pick-up then kill the driver.

But if you kill your driver or pilot then you can't call merryweather again for another one for a while.  The work around for this is just have a friend kill the pilot.

is south of  Puerto del marina slip. thanks I check their tonight. If I don't get catch up in bounty dog piles.

Not in the marina slip, not south of helipad , where is it. I did laps around the marina.

You have to call Pegasus for it, pay $1,000, and it spawns. You will see it on the map once it spawns.

DOH! DOH! DOH! DOH! Well at least the marina water was mostly clean.  DO I get to pick which boat?