Online Association?

If anyone is looking to join an Online Association hit me up on xbox live.

Gametag: ThisIsWeaponX.


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Some teams available in my online association.

Clippers: LeBron, Bogut, Tyrus Thomas, Augustin, C. Lee, Chalmers, Amir Johnson, Outlaw, Fernandez, Elliot Williams, House, and Joe Smith.

lakers: Garnett, Al Jefferson, D. Harris, T. Young, J. Richardson, George Hill, I. Smith, Damion James, J. Stackhouse, E. Clark, E. Maynor, and Q. Ross.

Suns: A. Bynum, Kirilenko, N. Robinson, Favors, DeRozan, Nocioni, Gallinari, T. Murphy, Gooden, Telfair, Farmar and Pachulia.

I need an owner for these playoff teams asap:

Grizzlies: Z. Randolph, B. Lopez, Billups, Stuckey, Marion, C. Landry, Barbosa, Salmons, Antoine Westbrook(rookie), Forbes, Ridnour, and Deon Ross(rookie).

Mavs: Deron Williams, W. Chanlder, Kenyon Martin, Okafor, Maxiell, R. Bell, Gibson, R. Anderson, Keon McDonald(rookie), Shelden Williams, Vujacic, and Peter Jackson(rookie).

Sixers: E. Gordon, Pierce, Roy, Turkoglu, Illyasova, Rush, S. Collins, Andersen, Frye, D. Carroll, Russ Timmerman(rookie), and Taylor Madsen(rookie).

Shadywolf86 gametag

Im interested.

Gamertag - I Am Vic Vega

interested gamertag. NervusChimp

Make sure you guys message me on xbox live.. I don't check this that often.. maybe every couple of weeks. I'll hit you guys up if spots become available.

We have some spots available.

Message one of the following admins for a tryout game: A BIue Ninja, MrYungWeezy683, qontrolz or THEx360L3G3NDx