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Would anyone here be interested in joining an online association? 58 game season, all star skill difficulty and a fantasy draft. If so post here and I'll give you the info.


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Hell yeah.  How will the draft time be decided?  I work 8-5 EST but live in CST with an hour drive to work, but I'll be transferring to the office in my city once my training is done in about a month.  I'm in another OA but it's with four people and two of them are in Med School so it moves pretty slow.  

I'm down, how long of the are the quarters? message me on XBL

rabbit. I've got the draft set for Thursday at 9:30 p.m. would that work? and I've got it to advance when I want it, and I'm planning on letting everyone play their games with no rush before moving on. I know people have work and school so we're moving it at everyone's pace.

The Man, i have it on 9 min quarters now for a more realistic type of score. It's just 1 min more htan a high school game, and it goes by fast.

I'll add you both on live, is the draft time ok with you both?

If that's Eastern time that's great for me.  Are you going to message us on XBL the league info?  Also, are there any rules on the draft?  I haven't been in one yet and I assume all the CPU teams (if there are any) draft as well?

Yea, It's Eastern time. I'm going to add you both right now. The rules are it's serpentine, like if you have the first pick in the first round, you have the last pick in the second, then first pick again in the 3rd round. We have about 12 doing this now so the cpu will draft the other teams

Sounds good man, can't wait.  

Just added you on live rabbit, i'm about to send you the info