One Week in the Books

It’s been just over a week since the launch of Skyrim

How’s everyone progressing so far? Let’s see the following info.

Character Name

Character Race


Hours Played

Highest 3 Skills

Where you are in the game


Character Name:  Nibenon (Elvish for Paul)

Character Race:  Bosmer

Level:  24

Hours Played:  30

Highest 3 Skills:  Archery, One Handed Weapons, Destruction

Where you are in the game:  Robbing people blind in the Thieves Guild


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Smithing, Light Armor, One-Handed

Trying to get Boethia's attention

Character Name: Berian

Character Race: Norde

Level: 14

Hours Played: 17

Highest 3 Skills: Destruction, Heavy armor, one handed weapons

Where you are in the game: Just made it to Riften to do some exploring and some of the main quest. Not looking to join the thieves guild, but we'll see what happens.

Character Name-----------------------------------Anazoth

Character Race------------------------------------Argonian


Hours Played----------------------------------------55

Highest 3 Skills-------------------------------------85 sneak, 63 archery, 49 light armour

Where you are in the game----------------------Joining the Companions

Character Name - Argyle

Character Race - Argonian

Level - 81

Hours Played - 45.5 as of right now

Highest 3 Skills - All skills are at 100

Where you are in the game - Running around doing everything!

how did you get everything to 100 in 45 hours ? . . .

Play like a hoarder on meth.

Meth or no Meth. Hording aside.

Level 81 in only 46 hours is insane. :)

Character Name - Kijmts

Character Race - Wood Elf

Level - 13

Hours Played - 21 hours

Highest 3 Skills - Two handed ( 42 ) Sneak ( 33 ) Heavy Armor ( 32 )

Where you are in the game - On my way to Shearpoint to kill the dragon!

Level 81?!? I thought the max was 50 because you get an achievement for level 50. Wow. That's cool cause now I know how much longer I HAVE to play this game, which is a GOOD thing!

Character Name: Salazar (slitherin lol)

Character Race: Argonian

Level: 33

Hours Played: 30ish

Highest 3 Skills: Enchanting, Smithing, Archery

Where you are in the game: Doin' what I want, when I want.

  • Character Name- Kauz
  • Character Race- Imperial
  • Level- 31
  • Hours Played 30+
  • Highest Skills- Sneak (71), Archer (65) and Smithing (100)
  • Where in the Game- Finishing Thieves Guild Quest.