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Does anybody else find that the animations for some weapons are just a little too long?  Mostly, I notice it when I pull out the China Lake, but I've felt the seconds ticking with others.  A lot of the time, it seems like the animation is just slow and a too deliberate.  I don't necessarily need the long distance sights on the China Lake the first second I pull it out, but when I push the sights button, I think the game should pull them out.  If they are trying for authenticity, I think that a soldier in a fierce battle isn't going to go through half the motions that we are required to.  Sometimes, I like to change my weapons on the fly, but am severely limited with my choices when faced with the knowledge that that extra few seconds could mean the difference between getting off a shot and getting shot.   I know about the under-barrel grenade launcher, but what is the point of having other launchers if you have to rely on the UBGL for the quick shot.  What are all of your thoughts?


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try scout pro.

That's for balancing purposes.

It'd be retarded if people could just fire off grenade launchers quickly all of the time.