One thing I wish they would sort out in SR3

I play SR2 with the GTA Style Controller setup (I forget the exact name) but basically I accelerate & brake with the triggers because I feel it adds more control to the vehicles. As some of you may know the A,B,X,Y buttons on the 360 Controller only allow for 'On' & 'Off' when you press them, in other words you'll either accelerate all the way or not at all, which is crap, hence why I switched to the Triggers. Anyway, my point is I hope the Developers of SR3 allow the vehicles to roll along when you accelerate and stop accelerating. At the moment in SR2 the vehicles brake themselves if you let off the accelerator meaning if your trying to navigate slowly you just keep lunging back and forth, this is really annoying and a pretty stupid thing to have in the game, especially if your riding fast bikes. Please take it away, it adds abit more realism to it



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I use the scheme with the buttons only cause when I first played it I forgot about changing the controller scheme n now Im so use to it but I can't stand the shooting when I am a passenger, I like to shoot with RT when I ride shotgun

LOL  I always mistake this game for Midnight Club I dont know why an besides it sure feels like a Rockstar game, feels like sanandreas only in a diff location an Better!

SR2 isn't made by Rockstar... unless I read that incorrectly. SR is made by Volition. GTAIV & SR are both great games, both with different experiences. I think GTA is more serious and, in that sense, tends to be more realistic.

hey I like this game! SR2  Rockstars right ?  so why couldnt they make GTA IV this smooth an easy to control?? damn I would have played that game FOREVER! if it was this good..

I know what you mean, which is why I switched the control scheme to the triggers, instead of the buttons. I mean, who uses the buttons, anyway? It's difficult to drive and gun using that scheme.