One small inconsistency.

During the beginning of the game where you first pick up the stasis module and you have to kill that one Necromoprh running towards you...if you don't kill it right away, it kills you in ONE HIT. Why, when literally almost all other enemies in the game take several hits to kill you, does this enemy have the ability to take you down in one hit? It doesn't matter the difficulty or how much health you have.

Just something that bothered me.


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1. Trial by fire.  They want you to learn how to kill efficiently.  This isn't new to most of us but there are a surprising amount of people who started with this one, and not the first.  Shame on all of them.   I have nothing but bad things to say about those people but I will hold it in, for now...  If those DS noobs were to totally miss the entire method and go on for hours without using stasis, the developers would be sad, and the players would have much more trouble with the game.  They might even get on the forums and ask lame questions with needn't be asked.  Remember all of the tips they gave us in DS?  What you're talking about is a tip from them to us.  They wanted to make sure we understood/remembered the how to do it.


2.  Start the game on Zealot or Hardcore.  You will then see that every enemies' attack means death unless your health is upgraded.  "Death comes fast so don't *** up, and always be on guard".  They're showing you what it's like to play the game as it was intended (in my mind anyway).



3.  It's a game.  It's not really that big of a deal.

Well you do have very low health, and a straight jacket doesn't have any armor lol.

Didn't even think about that ^^  Very good point also.

@Fear. Even so you can still take a hit. If you load up a game on normal you can test this.  Take about 20 steps and the same type of enemy will attack you. One hit from it puts you in the red, but you're still alive.  It's inconsistent as the OP said.

That part of the game just let's you know how to use the stasis, nothing more and nothing less. If you can't kill one enemy while using stasis how can you kill 10 of them at once?

They want you to use stasis on the necromorph so it doesn't kill you.

I would say you are more vulnerable as your in the process of integrating the Status with your RIG.

But really its to make you use it and learn the game, QQ more

Right, they are forcing you to learn to use stasis, and are punishing you then and there if you don't.

Starting the game out with no weapons and having to just run was scary to me lol i was like ahhhhhhh i am going to die for sure lol