One of the hardest games ?

I've completed TFU and i must say it is a fantastic game with a really good story-line however i had a lot of trouble completing it because it was damn hard. I lost count of how many times i died, don't know if any of you found it hard but i sure did. The hardest part of the game is easily when you are battling the emperor, i think it took me almost 50 tries until i finally defeated him, insanely hard. Thoughts ???


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whenever the emperor throws lighting at you counter it by blocking it's easy

Yeah, its a pretty tough game. One thing that work for me was to learn to use the roll move (RB+LB+LS,A). It will bail you out of near every situation.

This game makes you think through situations.  Always have a plan of attack (lure certain enemies in first) that you can deal with.  Try not to agro the entire field at once.

The game is super easy I honestly wish it was harder. some of the levels look extremely hard but really aren't. I just hope that number 2 is a little harder..... I know it has already came out but I'm getting It next month. If you think this game was hard you need to keep playing stupid disney games like a 4 year old. But, don't get me wrong it's a awesome game, I love it but it is pretty easy.