One last achievement cannot be unlocked in Dec 27 new version

  1. What version & build of Windows are you running?
    Windows Phone 8 build 10521.155
  2. What is the make (who made it) & model (if you know it) of the device or devices you are using?
    Nokia Lumia 1520
  3. About how long ago did you start having this problem?
    Since the first version
  4. Have you noticed this problem happening on any other games?
    Similiar problems exist in Microsoft Solitaire Collection and Microsoft Minesweeper
  5. Describe your problem. Please explain what happens from the time you launch the game until the problem happens.
    Yesterday I installed these three games on my phone, and tried to unlock the achievements. However, the achievements "Gaining Recognition" and "Matchmaking Legend" cannot be unlocked. These achievements are descirbed as "earn xx medals total across a Windows 8 device and your phone". As I already won enough medals on my computer, I unlocked one more medal that is only available on the phone. However, these achievements didn't unlock as other achievements. Now the achievement progress shows 22 / 10 for "Gaining Recognition" and 22 / 20 for "Matchmaking Legend". Similiar problems exist in Microsoft Solitaire Collection and Microsoft Minesweeper where you are required to earn medals across a computer and a phone.
  6. Please post any other details or notes about your problem here:

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I will definitely pass this on- thanks so much! :)

I have the same issue. I unlocked the 10 medals fine, but when I loaded up my PC and it updated the phone medal count, I was at 20/20 when I booted my phone back up, and the achievement didn't unlock. I earned another medal on the phone hoping that might force it to pop, but no luck. Now showing 21/20 medals, but no achievement.

21/20 medals- that should be an achievement in and of itself! ;)  I will definitely pass this along to our team. Thanks so much! :)

Just wondering if there's any new on this? Been quite some time now, and would like to be able to complete the game.

It should be fixed in the next phone update. Unfortunately we don't have any time frame on when that will be pushed out but we hope it will be soon! :)