One handed gamer needs Killer Instinct advice.

I've been gaming since the Genesis/SNES days and fighters are my specialty. I play with only my right hand and use my index finger on the left stick/dpad, thumb on the right stick/face buttons, pinkey on RB/RT, and middle figer on LB/LT. That sounds crazy but it's just a stanard layout for me, as simple as breathing. My problem is I get most arcade style fighters on PS since the dpad is in a better position for me. With KI being an Xbox exclusive I'm stuck with this controller until a good fightpad comes out. While the specials themselves are really easy to pull off, the combo chains aren't. That requires me using a different style to win. I have to basically make my combos almost completely out of standard L/M/H attacks. I'm just looking for some tips and strategies on how to win without spamming rotation based combos. I have a ton of success by just darting in and out with openers and picking my shots but I don't wanna be "that guy". Should I take the easy way out and be super cheap or lose almost everytime by trying to play the right way? Btw I'm not knocking the Xbox layout. I prefer it for everything except arcade fighters and 2D games.

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