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For the last few days I have been getting a one bar.  Wanted to know if this connection is good or bad.


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It's perfectly solid.


If you're getting one bar then it's more likely to be network usage on your end or long-range Host, even though long-distance Host is rare enough and must be extremely rare in the US.


I would check for any network usage while you're playing (people on Wifi devices, people on computers, other consoles up, so on). Do you have any bandwidth left? I can't think of too much but I can tell you that that connection, in normal circumstances, will not give you one bar so something abnormal is going on.


Are you connecting to people in the US (or near you in the US)?

Well it says Grade: C. When I was in school that was not very good at all. It may be different now, who knows?

Also another clue is...(Fast than 51% of the US)

Overall no.

For MW3,  it seems like you should be golden.

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I have a F plus connection and I play just fine. A c is average so you should not be one barring. Like Bob said, someone might be using your internet. One of my friends one barred a lot because his neighbors were stealing his internet causing huge lag frequently. He learned to secure it though and now be barely one bars anymore unless his whole family is using the internet. Moral of the story here is don't let your neighbors steal your internet because it won't be fun. Maybe its that or another issue with your internet service provider.

  Actually, your ping is fairly high for 50 miles, and could be part of the problem. Check first what others said about usage on your network.

   But with a 94 ms ping, you are probably getting put in lobbies with 100 ms ping ...... and your single bar connection is the result of your poor pings coupled with the host having a poor connection.

    I'd start doing some frequeny pingtests, and if they are constantly that high I'd be talking to my internet provider.

I've played for hours on a network speed graded lower than and it ran fine. Where I'm living now mine is graded an A- I believe. I'm not the most technologically literate person but I was experiencing some lag in games and couldn't figure out why. My Live was also disconnecting itself. I thought about all the other internet connected devices that were on at the time but not currently being used. I went around shutting down and turning off the stuff that wasn't being used. It seemed to have done the trick. I make sure now to just shut down my computers and Ipads and turn the wifi off my phone when I don't need it.  So basically I'm recommending what everyone else is saying in this thread and suggesting if you have other devices connected to the internet while you're on Live try shutting them down. Like I said, I'm not an expert in this division but it's worth a shot.

I agree with Old Guy....  though the Down and UP speeds are fine, but  the high ping is not something i like to see.     Do some frequent tests as he suggested.

ID like to use this forum and space to formally apologize to xdefyspace and his friend for being a crappy neighbor. In sorry senores.




  Something helpful:

  Try using tracert on your pc.

   Go to start/run and type in "cmd"

   Then in the command line window type "tracert" and hit enter.

   It would be nicer if you had an ip address for the xbox live servers, but google will work.

   What this will do, is follow the route your connection will take, and do a ping test for each stop on the way. You'll find that a connection isnt just about your connection or the game connection, but several different networks in between.

   If the very first pings are high then its on your end. If the first ping is over 75, there may be something you can change with your provider for faster gaming .... .............

 Then again ....... it may be just what you are stuck with , but at least you'll have an idea where the issue lies.

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