Once a cheater, always a cheater

So in all the games Ive ever played online in any MP game I have never once been labeled a cheater until tonight. I played a guy or gal who had the nerve to say I was glitching to beat him. He obviously didnt realize that not punting on 4&28 throwing 8 picks to my 5,  and running the same 4 offensive plays all game long wouldnt win the game.


I know,cool story brah, and yes I want a cookie dangit. I just find it funny that the guy said something like that. I mean he was the one nano blitzing all game, which I couldnt beat. He had better yardage with his QB and RB, he just couldnt throw the ball to the right people. Since the PS3 doesnt have an easy messaging system like the PS3 I thought the Madden community was ok, but switching over to 360, the people are just douches in this game


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Absolutely.  I always get fan mail and yes, DB's would be the optimum term.   They are just trying to pick a fight to get you to curse so they can report you.  Just ignore.  It is only a game and really doesnt matter.  When you really look at it....its like two nerds comparing the size of their pocket protectors.  

true dat home slice.

 I have to agree with you guys, its only a game.  I try to be a good sport and say good game to who I am playing against.  If they are accusing you of cheating, then thats just wrong.  They should stop whining and try to get better at the game.  That stands true for me, my first game on M12 I got WHOPPED!  

some people(usually 12-16 year old kids) will call any1 cheaters that beat them.  You shouldnt havent taken it seriously at all.  This happens in Madden/Halo/COD/etc

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That stands true for me, my first game on M12 I got WHOPPED!  



By me!!!!

Happens in Madden a lot and any MMA game.  I usually send Good Game or Good FIght, no matter what they send me.  I'm sure that pisses them off more then if i would react to their comment.

It may have been.  I cant remember, its been too long since ive been online in Madden.

If anybody is trying to find a "glitcher, no punter, hurry up offense every play, nano blitzing, lag button, on side kick everytime... kind of player ... I can give you the LIST..... Seems that everytime I go online to play Madden that's the type of people I end up playing, I wish programmers would put a splash page of how many 4 down situations a player has went for it and onside kicks, connection quality and a automatic tag that would identify you as a cheeser or sim player! I can't say it's all kids, Ive played adults that are the same way ! As you can tell by my record that I don't quit, I will take my lose no matter how bad, I always end up finding the guys that after 4 failed long balls to bryant, colstein, and others that they decide they are done and quit.... makes online play an after thought......

@ SnowMan  Nice GT btw. I feel exactly how you feel I can NEVER find anyone who plays legit football in ranked matches. Madden could be a much better game online but cheesers/cheaters will always be around to ruin it. The Madden franchise will be the death of me. Cause: Massive Stroke

Wingtip... thank God... I thought I was the only player on XBOX Live that felt that way. It took over a week for someone to comment on my post.... Kind of makes you think the whole system is that way. I feel like a crime fighter in sea of lame, no-skill cheeser..... every where you turn there is another .... and another....man if these people would put as much work into playing the game the way it was intended, they may be a good gamer.... but you see what they chose to do.... but don't get me wrong... lately, I've discovered a few D schemes that takes them cheeser's to their knee's !