On which platform are you buying the game?

Have you decided on which of the three platforms you are going to be buying Mass Effect 3? 360, PS3 or PC.

Personally after a lot of umming and ahhing, I've decided that the one I am initially going to buy it on the PC. The reasons being the cheaper price, slightly higher quality of visuals, the quick access keys for powers and abilities, and lastly the quick save key.

I will be getting the 360 version further down the line when the price drops, so eventually those Shepards will get to finish their stories.

So which version of the game are you going to get first? 


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I will be getting it for the 360 since thats where I started my journey.  I only play exclusives and CoD on my PS3.  My laptop couldn't run it even if I wanted to get it for PC.

360  Played 1 & 2 first on the PC, but I've gotten used to the 360 controller now and could never go back to the old keyboard and mouse.  Still using an ATI 512MB graphics card on my PC which may not be adequate to run ME3 at full resolution anyway.  The biggest reason, however, is kicking back on the couch with a beer is much better than hunching over my desk at the PC...:-)

If you hunch over at your desk then you are sitting incorrectly.

Seriously, so people really hunch over their keyboard when playing PC games? 

It's a laptop and I have bad eyesight...:-)

X360 for me...

Started on Xbox 360 with ME1, continued the saga in ME2 and will finish in ME3.

Xbox, but I'm glad they expanded it to the PS3 so those users can enjoy the ME universe as well.

@voteDC I actually think your approach of buying and playing the PC version first whilst you wait for the console version to come down in price is very sound. I'd mirror your idea as well, if only I had a powerful enough PC to game on, but alas, I don't, so, woe is me.

I guess I'll be continuing the tradition on the platform which I started the journey on- the good ol' 360.

360 for me.  I played the first two on the 360, so I want to complete the 7 Shepards I have ready to go.  Plus, my PC is actually a Mac, and all it can handle is Valve stuff and older games.  

More than likely it'll only be 360 for me.

I have a rig that'd handle the PC version just fine, if not overkill, but considering all of my imports are on the 360 whereas maybe only a couple are on the PC, I'll finish the trilogy out on what I started with.

That and I just don't see myself buying Mass Effect 3 again when a good sum of my money this fall/winter will be spent on quite a few "noteable" games. :)

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