On useing chess.com to tie your gamertag together

As one of the long time Pros, I have had my share of stories about the past to tell, but as an even longer chess player I have one for the books. You may have heard of the chess master's curse. If you believe in you castle as your castle, and your knight as your knight, this is why some people win more by not playing. This deep comment upon the chess rank to tie your gamertag name to identify you as a Pro player that can not be understated. I believe Shogi is interesting  like that as well. The noble game aside theres still a story here, but if you wonder why I stand back for a bit that is the answer.


I went several rounds one night, just to dust off the chess set, and After wins against higher ranked players, I lost a single game overall. I consider it a greater victory to lose a game overall and win more for it because of the rank. And although this did not include my Chess Master gamerscore, I let it stand. Anyway, The imported jade chess set from india, a priceless birthday gift, showed me on what side of the board I was playing. One of my castles cracked in two, on its own. That is sort of like your tea cup breaking in your hand. So, that being said time for a vacation.




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