on update on me

i got my old profile back i i am just movie the games over right i pick up halo 3 and halo wars i can gears of wars 1 and red dead and call of duty 4 and call of duty duty world at wars i have downloar them because i don't any one to play them with if your for some call of duty gears are red dead hit me up are just and say what game game your up for for so i dowwnload iti have 250 drive so i hold them all  by the way i would like girlsfriends has well look forward to meet newfriends happy holiydays everyone


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How can you have lasting friends or expect to get new ones if you have like 50-60 profiles??

well i give i fix that i am down to 2 profiles on my new pills see befor i start this pills i was more then one prson i was about 6 are 7 prsonaletiy and i just have one my excailbur star profile has all my games on it but no gold and born superhuman is the i am going to use for here on out i going to rebuy the mass effect dlc for this profile sorry about jump profiles it kind of to have one profile when 8 prsonaletys by the have we meet befor i thank one one my prsonalletiys detelet you befor do want you give me go to be your friend my john how are you

been fine...yourself?


Hey I know you are always looking for friends and that you are thinking about getting Minecraft.  Go to the MINECRAFT board and say you need friends.  You will get more requests than you can handle.