On the search for new friends.

*Little bit of a sob story below; Basic concept is I want some new peeps to play with ;). LOL.*

I have to be honest, I have always been more of a loner when it comes to gaming. Got Xbox Live with Halo 2 back in the day and my friends list piled up quick. They all ended up moving on and yada yada. And with each and every passing major game over the last 10 years it's sort of been a repeat process.
Actually got more personally involved with a few people and became real friends but they faded away too. In the end I end up being on my own again sifting through matchmaking by myself or playng the hell out of single player games.

So just really asking if there's anyone out there who would like to just have and extra dude on their friends list they can call in to a match/coop or something when you see my tag online. I'll admit I'm not the best player in the world but I'm no "noob" either. Going on 20 years of gaming here and I'm just 23 :). I am always looking for girls too to hang with online as well because I find the female gaming population to be quite interesting. Some of my best gaming experiences has been with you ladies. And no that's not some cheap line to get "fantasy girls" on my friends list like many guys try to do :P.

Games I always have on hand:

Halo: Reach
Saint's Row: The Third
Red Dead Redemption
Gears 3
Mass Effect 3
Dragon's Dogma (pawns)

I'm also willing to help with advice on any game I have played in the past too I may still have or don't own. Always more of a helper/support sort of guy. But I can lead the charge with the best of them as well.

I also have gamefly so I have a steady stream of games going in and out all the time.

So ya know if you maybe feel the same somewhat and wanna laugh, have fun, even just chat, and kick butt in any form add me GT: sk0m. (the O is a zero ;) )

P.S. I use a mic and prefer other's who do as well :).


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doesn't seem like we have many matching games, but if you'd like to fr me anyway then do.

Has well dont have many game matches with you but like Bizarro...feel free to add just for the friend aspect.......At times the games get kind of boring so we run a trivia challenge for our frinds list...its always a lot of fun until we can get back into gaming...currently playing a lot of UNO, Full house poker and have been slowly getting back into our fable 3 game...anyone can add

you can add me if you want.

I have a few of those games.