On a Rail Achievement

I already have the map setup and everything, but I don't have gold, so if anyone can PM me a code, like a 2-day pass or something I will be happy to share the achievements with others. If you need proof that I have the map setup I can give it.

GT: ChikinExe


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the question is though, since it is technically a glitch exploit, is it a bannable offense?

They would be banning a lot of people then. It doesn't hurt anyone and the easiest and most likely thing they will do is to just patch it. I wouldn't advise going on the forums and telling everyone how to recreate the exploit though. *cough* But I could be completely wrong so just in case, I wouldnt do it. Play the game the way it's supposed to be played. I still want a Creative Mode though >:|

there is a glitch to get unlimited gold (or Diamond) but you need 1 gold  put it in the middle of a dispencer then keep hovering over the 1 gold ignot then get a second player to break the dispencer and then after its broken press a on the gold and it should turn to 64 put this in a chest 1 at a time then it will keep turning back to 64.


I actually did that in order to create mine. I won't lie, until they add a Creative Mode I am going to take advantage of this technique as much as possible.