On a high note...

It might just be me but I don't think I've experienced ANY lag since the release of MW3. While its a nice game and all I still prefer Blops... more now than ever. Since half the playerbase is gone it just makes it so much easier to play. Again it might just be me...


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Interesting. The only thing bad about over half the player base leaving is that my favorite playlist had only 43 people in it this morning.

Mornings have almost never been good for me. Which playlist are you referring to?

Core Mercenary Moshpit.

Same here. But I feel like I'm suddenly amazing at the game ;w; I've been placing first in all Free-For-Alls after everyone left. I like challenge.

Yea I love a good challenge. I've had a couple games recently where I've had my @$$ handed to me. But for the most part its just the lack of lag that seems to be doing me some justice. Going to head on here and a few and see what happens :P

Is the Galil Silenced Ghost combo still predominant? That's the thing I really didn't liked about Black Ops.

Honestly I haven't been paying much attention lol. I just run n gun with a F N FAL and crossbow