Omni-Tool Blade

Have mixed feelings on this thing, I'm all for up close and personal combat. But that energy sword just doesn't fit with Mass Effect IMO. Your thoughts?


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I think it works fine, and I think I heard that each class has a different melee move. I'm hoping the adept has some awesome biotic punch or something.

I just don't get how a hologram stabs someone. :\

If they can have an as-of-yet unaccepeted theory of quantam entalgement in the game they can have holograms that become real and stab people.

Think I heard that the Adept would have a psionic blade sort of like Psylocke from the X-men, but I'd prefer something more like the biotic powered punch Jack hits the YMIR whith when she's escaping purgatory.


As for the concept in general? It's a nice touch, but doesn't really fit with the combat of the ME universe imo. The only class that should be getting that close in combat is the Vanguard really. Maybe if as an Adept you could chain the move it would make sense - Pull followed by melee just as they reach you.


All in all though, I just think someone said Halo & Gears both have blades of some sort for melee combat so we need one too.


Hmm. If i'm not mistaken, the omi-tool can in fact 'generate' (somehow) physical objects. This is how it produces tech powers of sorts.

I think it'll be useful for swarms of Husks (really would have come in handy when escaping the Collector ship in ME2), but I'm sure is has a cooldown that makes it less useful.

Lol....Shepard looks like he's starring in a Predator movie. Good though.

It reminds me of Knight Commander Merediths lyrium sword in DA2, just a smaller version.  It cant be a bad thing though. Apart from the achievement for killing husks after knocking them back with a punch, I cant remember using the shoulder move. It was dreadful. So, a definate improvement in my book.

OK, here's a question for you guys & gals.


Does Shepard now have 2 omni-tools?


Because, and I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier, on the box art, and in the trailer (when doing a stealth kill) the omni-blade is on his left hand. However, in general gameplay (1:14) it is on his right hand.


God I hope this is intentional and not just a glaring oversight, because that would just be embarrassing if they didn't realise this .

Considering that Kasumi had a melee attack very similar to the newly added Omni-blade I'm a bit surprised as to why people are so against this.

Even in today's military world of combat drones, heat seeking missles, good ol' automatic rifles our military still uses knives and bayonettes and trains with them. Being able to whip a blade to someone's throat in close combat makes as much sense today as it did 500 years ago, I'm glad to see that sensibility brought to a fictional future.

I'm not against the Omni-tool sword thing, Its just not what I would expect in the ME universe.

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