Omnd Omnd Ohk (Hidden boss, drops twister)

Looking for people who want to help get Omnd Omnd Ohk, he acts like vermivorous were you have to level something. Need 2 more people to help level **** savages to Omnd Omnd Ohk (Need to have a witch doctor heal them to level them). So the more people the higher chance for a ultimate to turn into a Omnd Omnd Ohk, so just PM me on the 360 or add me, if the gun drops we'll dupe it so its all fair share.


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i was gonna help you till you said you dupe :P

I don't care if its a Dupe or a Trade for the weapon if it drops. I have every Legendary in the game and pretty much all the guns from the DLC besides the Twister and the RPG that acts like the Error Message from the pirate DLC.

I would love to get this gun. Count me in any time I'm on.

C' mon people, help dova and I get this sweet tornado shooting shotgun!