Is there bonfire in sens fortress!? I get to the Iron Giant but I fall off during the fight lol. 


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yes there is.

When you make your way to the outside of the fortress for the first time there is an area up left with a couple of corpses waiting to be pillaged look to your right there should be a broken wall that looks like a fall to your death if you edge up and move the camera around you can see a platform and a bonfire below you.

Yes, you have to drop off the side of the fortress to get to it though so it isn't overly obvious. It's near where you go out onto the roof up the first small set of stairs and there is a break in one of the walls you can drop down to it.


There is a video showing you where it exactly is if you need a visual reference.

Make sure to drop a sign that says try down. I got 3 humanity today from that one message.

I've left a ton of helpful messages and haven't had one up vote. Ungrateful gits the lot of you.

Zoinks dante beat me by seconds lol

that one's funny, i burnt out my skull lantern looking at those. Also never had 1 single msg uprated..not 1...ungrateful gits, the lot of you.

You get humanity from leaving messages?

^ if they get positively rated by other players yes.

really the only messages that i've seen get voted up are ones that are ment to be funny like amazing chest when it is right in front of Gwynevere

Thank you all! Im in Anor Londo now!