OMG!!! I forgot how much more fun BO is than MW3...

I mean wow...playing MW3 I would have one of those "what the eff?" moments like every 20 seconds or know where you sit there in awe about how there is no way in the hell the guy could have killed you, and you're like wow talk about lag issues.

Don't get me wrong, there is lag in BO but it is sooooo much more playable than in MW3. I like a lot of the "features" of MW3, but the maps and playability of BO is 100 times better, at least to me anyway.


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Do you know the main reason why there are less WTF moments on Black Ops? Because they actually fixed the spawns on Black Ops. You don't have an enemy spawning two seconds away from you in any direction 50% of the time.

Nah spawns don't bother me in COD games, yeah they could use some tweaking I know, but my biggest pet peave is firing 5-6 rounds into someone not even looking at me, not getting a hit marker, then dying in one shot. Watch the killcam and I was just standing there with my thumb up my you know what while dude was shooting me multiple times....we all know the story. That happens SOOOOO much in MW3 I couldn't take it anymore.


@rock a littl3 love the cat pictures.

I'd have to disagree I do not like the hit markers on black ops.

I agree with you

Maybe I am just lucky  but I do not have a lot of problems with lag or hit markers.

  I had a lot of hitmarkers just before dying in BO. The only thing that really satisfied me was playing hc mode where bullets actually killed people............ no ffa hc mode in mw3.


  I went back to mw2 a couple times while bo was out and was amazed how much faster I could kill people. I dont really know if its the damage the hit detection or what. But I feel that the IW's core mode is about half way between tryarch's core and hardcore.


  MW3 ... I'm not sure what I think really. I dont have any more lag issues than any other cod. The only thing that really disturbs me about MW3 are the spawns. ........... dont know how they are in other modes, but in ffa its like you need to be firing your weapon the instant you spawn ...... just not knowing what direction to fire it. Many time even, I have a basic idea where the enemy will be coming from ... seeing as he just killed me. ...... but by the time I get my bearings as far as where I am and what direction I'm facing ............... I wind up in the middle of aiming where I think I should and wind up dead.


  If I survive 3 or 4 seconds after spawning I do fine, but I get killed within that first few seconds the majority of the time. So basically I wind up with a couple deaths at spawn, a nice killstreak, then a nice deathstreak, then maybe another killstreak and another deathstreak.  Many times I'll have a comfortable lead during the second half of the match and wind up dying over and over and wind up 4th or 5th place.


   The exception to this is on a couple maps where I want to spawn in the action......... like on seatown. All the action usually goes on within about 1/8th of the map ........ yet 9 out of 10 times I spawn in that building all the way on the one corner of the map .... the farthest away from the action that is possible.

I agree, had much more fun playing public in Black Ops, didn't have to worry about people exploding (dead mans hand) just because they're having a bad game.

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LOL, yeah that was me last night playing BO!!! Good post Rock :)

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