OMG got a new slim, used the transfer cable, this games save didnt transfer

well i got a new slim 360, hooked up the transfer cable, and out of allllll the games i play the save file for this game is nowhere to be found. i dont have the old hd anymroe either. Go figure. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem or what i can do to fix it. The file is not in the cloud either. cant believe this i just bought the wireless wheel too. extremely disappointed right now i bought a new slim for THIS!?!?!?!?!?


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They messed with the save so you can't copy it or it would get flagged as cheating. It leads to some odd behavior. I have a save on the HD, cloud, and USB. I have to select the save on the USB to play the one on the HD. And although it shows a save game on the HD, selecting it just restarts the game back to 0. The USB save is also nothing, its too small and out of date to be the current game save.

I never had to transfer one yet so I'm not sure how its done, but was there a option to move the game save instead of copy?

My box is almost 5yrs old so I'm sure I'm going to have to replace at some time soon. I've already lost a game save because I screwed up with cloud hate to lose another. Altought if they don't fix this problem with the wheel I might be getting a PS3.

I recently had two fat 360s fail on me. One would no longer read discs & the other RRoD'd. Anyway, I still had a third in the house (a slim). I transferred all of my saves from the two (fatty) HDDs to the slim, using a USB flash drive & the fat 360 that stopped reading discs. Not one file corrupted, nor did my FM profiles revert back to the start.

Ouch man that sucks you 100% sure you transferred everything over? Because something maybe went wrong with the transfer.

I've had mine corrupt twice now. Once when moving it, and once just playing. I have moved it many times without issue however since then. If you send me an FR and remind me what it was for, i'll get you some cars, and arrange some creds to be transferred to you too. That should see you back on your way.