OMG did anyone see the gadget show (UK) yesterday if not check this out

they've made a game simulator with moving floors, 360 screen, paint balls firing back, you just need to see it.

it would be fantastic in skyrim as well as a lot of other games.

I would love this in my house.

check it out


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Wow! That was awesome.

I can see Kinect doing this without having to have a treadmill machine and ofcourse without paintballs. The game Rise of Nightmares allowed you to step one foot forward and lean which made your character walk. If they update Kinect (which I thought they were going to do with Avatar Kinect) so it can track your finger movements, you could use that as a trigger. Add that to leaning/walking and looking around when you turn your shoulders (which RoN also did) and you could do something similair to this.

It was Amazing, there are no other words

Wouldn't mind having one of those in the basement.

tell me about it, it would take over your life more so than skyrim is going to.

Yep, it was incredible...but ouch those paintballs would have hurt, suppose it would have made you abit more aware knowing that you will get hurt for real lol.

The gadget show is brilliant, their gravity race car episode was very good! did anyone see their MW2 mock up of the assault timed course in the campaign?

Just need these to pop up now for public use :P talk about imersive gameplay!

Yes I did.  It was realy cool.  Later on in the show, Andy McNab - who used to be a real life British Solder in the SAS, also tried it out and he was well impressed!