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hi im just wondering if someone could make me one of those shields with infinite defence, im getting tired of dying. im curently a level 33 siren. i only have one dlc dowloaded at the moment, the clap trap one. i dont know if that matters.... ill be on most the night, if you want to help me out  just add me and message me. thanks 


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Get better at the game. Why don't you spend sometime farming for weapons around either new haven or the back door part right before you fight the master mccloud boss,there's 3 chests you can keep farming over and over until you find a anarchy,or hellfire smg for your siren should make the game alot easier ;)

No love for modded items here mate.

Remember: if you obtain such an item, it is not allowed in multiplayer modes. Restrict usage of such items in single player. As the posters above said, you won't obtain it here. Your best bet is to play a lot of games and ask someone who has it for one or something. Please ensure you keep it in single player for your own personal enjoyment and not unbalance the multiplayer gameplay because of it. Play safe!

those things are already there ever since i was little newby in this game 2 years ago.they just keep changing the name but ppl cant tell .missing parts shields that go above 4000 unless you have buffs for your team it will go up there 4 sirens with defenders class been a while since i played this game now

the game is not that hard you don't need it, and if you do use it then there is no point in playing the game since you will not need to look for a shield and if you get a weapon that does the same damage then what is the point of playing since you will not be looking for better weapons.

in other words play and finish all of the game, know the game well, and don't cheat.

I picked one up one time to sell for money lol. You could just host a game and wait. It happens a lot I'm sure.

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This is not a good website to be asking for modded items.


Adding to what Bone said, Mods spoil the fun of the game, why would want something that takes away from the fun~

This is not a good website to be asking for modded items.