Older Minecrafter's looking for Friends

If you are old enough to have played Wolfenstein 3D, when it was new.... sigh in :)

If you are heading for google to find out what that is, you are not old enough :)

If your first computer had Windows 95 or later on it, you are not old enough :)

If your first hard drive was bigger than 100mb, you are not old enough :)

If your first use of the word "gig" had nothing to do with music, photography, fish or frogs, then you are not old enough :)

If you got your first calculator any earlier than High School, you are probably not old enough :)

If you have actually stored data on all three of these, then you might be old enough...
Floppy Disks

I am curious how many of us old codgers there are out there in the Minecraft world.


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I remember computers only being black and white and they were macs... let's see, played the original doom a lot way back when, got real excited when I found it again as an Xbox arcade game. Then later rocked diablo one for a few years... how bout this to make it short and simple... does 26 years of age seem old enough? Lol add me if ya wish.

Doom.  Was a blast.  Still have my Doom shareware floppies somewhere.  BFG9000, rock on :)

My first personal computer was THE first personal computer, Altair 8800 which I soldered together myself.  Then a TRS-80.  In Jr High School, I was already receiving royalty checks from local Radio Shacks (who sold the TRS-80) who were including my Hurricane Tracker program with their computer systems.  We were in Florida so it was a big hit.  I used the cash to buy a Commodore PET and other TRS-80's and hardware for them.  By the time I was in High School, I was writing medical office management software on Altos multi-user systems and was already fluent in BASIC, FORTRAN and COBOL as well as 8080/Z80 assembler and machine code on 800x CPUs.

I am 50+ so was curious if there were any more of us out here closer to the half century mark.  I fear I am alone out here :(

26 ;)  At that age, you are older than most I am seeing.

I hear ya Wolfie... i am 30 and we definately need to hook up and game. I miss playing the old Oregon Trail when i was a kiddo. Any time you got a spot and want some company feel free to send me an invite.... i game with two other guys on minecraft....i am the youngest of our group. Maybe we can get all of us in one room and talk about the good ole days :)

Was on with the granddaughters last night in another person's game.  I was trying to help the girl get some constructs going in her world and twice a kid poured a lava bucket on me and my work.  Pretty sure it was a kid and thankfully they had no mic or I am sure I wouldn't have liked him even more :(  Same kid whacked my granddaughter making her loose her map.  Kinda took the fun out of it.   We were done at that point and decided Neftlix was more appealing.

Sigh...You got a world you are working on?  Maybe we (granddaughter and I) can jump in and help ya build something.  She plays nearly 100% creative, me nearly 100% survival.  It was kinda funny watching her have to learn to walk instead of fly last night :)  She's not the greatest builder but I can promise she won't dump lava on your stuff.  Or me.

i got a world, but i am still just in the process of mining and such. havent built anything but a xp grinder so far.

Sounds perfect :)  I like exploring and mining resources nearly as much as building.  I am in.  Maybe get a tree farm and some  other basics started with you.

We will have to hook up and work out what it is you want/need.

im usually on after i put the kiddos to bed.. usually 9pm est till midnight or little after. usually play on hard mode..

I played Pong.....at home on a B/W TV.......console with 2 paddles. boink! boink! boink! boink! those were the good ole days.......

Hehe.  I played the coin op pong at Goofy Golf (google that once).  Then they upgraded it to color (clear plastic strips on the B&W monitor).  Woo hoo!  Remember Space Invaders?  It was B&W originally too with clear colored plastic on the screen.

Old school rocks :)

ill play add my other tag cyclinggem06

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