Hello to my other Australian Xbox ONE Battlefield lovers! Ol dude in need of help needed here please!!

I see this up here more times then I can count. BUT! I have been trying.... (and I say “trying” lightly) to get my head around battlefield 4, and with my entire clan and Old friends still back in the dark ages on xbox 360, I’m in need of support on battlefield 4 as I’m getting my old butt handed to me! Now this is for a number of reasons. 1 because I know jack crackers about this game, 2 because I don’t have anyone to watch my back, and 3 I don’t really talk to anyone under the age of 30 or if they have an IQ lowed then 70 (70 been the base line for an ABI, which many youth these day are under until they get older...... think it goes up one point every year... So I'm over the 100 mark!! :) ) So in short I’m looking for some older gamers like myself, that like to have fun, not take the game to seriously, aren’t full of decompose bulldust and try (there’s that word again TRY) to win a few games by the means of team work.. Any old gamers interested please feel free to drop the OLD CHIEFironhawk08 a hello & friend request and we’ll see if I can’t learn a thing or two  and catch up on Battlefield 4 or even Ghost. Later (or not) PS racist narrow-minded people or Christ bangers need not apply! sorry I know you need loving too.... but just not by me!! lol.


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"OTSG"  Only The Strong Gamers

Check us out see if this is what you are looking for.......


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