Older folks

Good morning people.. I looking for fellow gamers not just the oldies like myself ,but anyone who just likes too play And not take things too serious . As most do I play ghosts and titanfall on xbox one but also have a 360 for a bit of Borderlands and mass effect.. Usually late night gaming is my thing .and I also belong too a online community for gamers ..so even if I not your cup of tea check the community out at [Mod Removed] ...either way hope too see u soon .


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Hey there Mystic :)

I have removed the site from your post due to it being classed as advertising, which is against the forum rules. Please feel more than free to place social media links in your forum signature. With that aside, Welcome to the forums! Feel free to send me an FR over :)

Ok thanks for the heads up i wasn't aware if that .  

Feel free to add me if you'd like mystic. I work 2nd shift so I'm always on late, and all my friends are always offline by the time I'm on. I used to be a serious hardcore, raging, throwing controllers , trash talking gamer, but I grew out of that. Now I just come home from work and relax with some titanfal,l BL2, fallout, w/e ect. I don't play cod anymore, too many controller casualties. Lmao. Plus cod is too generic and played out now.  Actually a lot of games are now, come to think of it.

But yeah, after work I am too tired to want to go all HARDCORE RAGE, lol, anymore.

COD all the way

I have nothing against cod, I played it for years and had a great time with friends, but now that I'm older, and less of my friends play it, I have fallen away from it. Plus after playing it day in and day out from cod4 till now, it gets old, they never really try anything new or risky with the game.

Mystic you are more than welcome buddy :)

Let me know if you have any questions dude.

This is why i tend too stick too playing squads on ghosts

too many spawn campers etc in multiplayer . But i too have been

known too launch my joypad  across the room .

still cant beat mass effect or borderlands for a nice good multiplayer

and cloud thanks mate if i have any more queries i let u know .

You are always welcome my friend! :)

As for CoD, spawn campers are the worst. I camp my heart out when ever I play and it usually pays off but I would never go so low to spawn camp / trap. That is one of the worst things. Blops was pretty bad for that on the Launch map when it was first released but thankfully 3arch did their best to fix.

I am so ready for the new COD/MW4 ? or what ever the game is going to be called.... hope the new COD plays more like BLK-OPS 2 did :D

Well the new cod cant be worse can it ..maybe it because i getting old.

but seems most folks on cod more concerned about the winning,rather

than actually enjoying the game ..but that also applies too many games

now days .

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