Old World Blues Wild Wilderness Gremlin

Just in case you haven't found this deadly guy yet or don't have Wild Wilderness here is a video in made. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IIBk_h7LO0


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A few others I've found so far are Cyber dogs playing poker and Wolverines ( Red Dawn ) on the wall in High School Horror X-8.

Ohhhhh mama i found a great one for everyone...ill wait till the posts start flooding in...lol

Oh, I found this one, all right,,, Caught me with my pants down, too. The last thing I expected was a midget deathclaw!

Cyber dog and sonic emitter are easy to get in the intro. I wonder what they give you if you ask for more in the 3rd speak challenge .


my bad i though OP  was talking about the weapons.