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Hey all, is there a currently operating Australian Xbox or general gaming guild devoted to grown ups with kids and jobs who can't play 8 hours a day?

I've become extremely disenchanted with online gaming and how poorly it caters to casual gamers who love games but through the passage of time have found their leisure allowance dwindle away to barely a dozen hours a week.

I'm tired off:

  • Never ever turning on my mic
  • Auto muting all the squealing voices in Halo matchmaking
  • Auto muting people playing Linkin Park/iron Maiden/metallica at 1000 decibals into their mic
  • Getting spawn killed in objective based games by kids who just want to boost their stats

I'm looking for a guild for people in their late twenties or thirties who just want to get together online and play the latest MP games, Gears, Halo, CoD, Brink, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Monday Night Combat,  Killzone 2/3, Bad Company, Shadowrun (come on, some one must still play it) and anything else people are keen to play. Bottom line I just want to enjoy games again. I haven't enjoyed a multiplayer game experience since Rainbow 6 Vegas.

If such a guild exists please direct me to it, if not drop some expressions of interest and we'll see about starting our own.


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You might be interested in us.


Most of us are over 25, some members that have been with us a long time are in college. We play Gears of War, Battlefield and COD/MW

*** your clan. your clan is pointless. 8 hours a day will get your clan nowhere. LOL